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Take no chances with this terrible virus in this, now global, pandemic. Be safe, wash your hands, keep healthy, eat good food, stay fit, be wise, try and help where you can. Visit websites that provide information on the virus and stay away from infected areas. It’s difficult not to be social when you travel, but use common sense as you go.


I promise to write two blogs per week. One will be about the place I am visiting that week, so you get an idea of what to see and do as a visitor.
Museums, Palaces, castles, great places for Ice cream and cakes for example.
The other one will be about life in general, the culture of the place I’m in, weird stuff I come across, and general happenings.


Join me as I travel around the world. Read original articles about countries, their cities, peoples, culture, and places. Luxury is a lifestyle.
There will also be a feature story each week on a luxury item. It could be a hotel or luxury suite, an Airline or particular flight. Send in your luxury item and I will try and feature it.



Life is for living, but the question is, how to live it. Great views, great music, great people. So much to see, so much to do, and so little time.

The Luxury Lifestyle is a section I feature each month on the best the world has to offer. Natural wonders are all around us but luxury is man made. Join me as I feature items on luxury travel, food and accommodation. Luxury has a price tag, but it’s never unobtainable. 

The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.

State of the Art. Not so much a museum as a masterpiece, the Guggenheim is a must-see when in northern Spain. Just a few hours from either San Sebastian or Santander, this now iconic building is worth the trip to Bilbao from anywhere in the world just to see it....

A Greek Odyssey

My Athens to Pindus 4-Wheel Drive trek through Central Greece was to be the journey of a lifetime. As a child I had dreamed of faraway places, exploring dense jungles like Allan Quatermain or Indiana Jones, crossing rivers and mountains. The reality was in logistics;...

Athens War Museum – A Pantheon of History

About a half mile from Syntagma Square, the heartbeat of Athens, Greece, sits the giant Athens War Museum, covering 3000 years of military history. This must-visit museum for military history aficionados and militaria fans...

Paella, Pintxos and Penguins!

My son was visiting from California for a few weeks so we decided to take a trip together somewhere in Europe. Over the years when we lived in Texas I was lucky enough to be self employed. So when it came to the school holidays my son Espen and I always traveled...

Thank you for visiting Far Side Travels today. There are plenty of blogs and bloggers out there and they are all unique, so thanks for reading mine. My goal is to provide you with entertaining stories, whether they be from the road, past or present.

I prefer to write from the road, straight from the hip as I remember things happening. Especially those oddball people or moments that you tend to forget when you’re back home.

There’s a chat page where you can leave messages for me if I’m offline. I would love to hear from you, good or bad. Remember though, if it’s bad and you give me some stick, I will be happy to return the favour!

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I love to hear from readers so please send me your tips and tricks as I may be going to where you’ve been before. Being pre-warned of things in certain areas always helps. Not just weird and dangerous places, but things like scams, good food, a unique bus ride, great accommodation, for example.

In May of this year I was going to head out from the UK and start my continuous trip around the world. First I was going to the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal with my son, take in the Rockie mountains in Alberta, then go out west to Vancouver Island, before heading to Mexico.

Well the Coronavirus, or COVID-19 as it’s now being called, has put the kibosh on that. However, I still intend to leave at the beginning of August but don’t quite know where I’m going yet. I don’t know which countries will be open or what flights I can take. Suggestions welcome.