I am very proud to be a Brand Ambassador for Chapman Bags.

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 Chapman Bags

Luxury Bags & Apparel

The Story Of John Chapman

The Company was founded in the early 1980’s as a manufacturer of fishing and shooting bags by a local businessman, John Chapman, who still lives close to our Carlisle workshops. From nothing, he created a thriving business selling British made bags all over the world. Although John is retired now, and sold the business some years ago, we are still in touch with John and his wife Jo, a formidable team whose story is one of remarkable entrepreneurial and marketing success.


Get A Custom, Bespoke Bag Made By The Experts


The Company manufactures for numerous clothing and accessories’ designers and brands, and we offer a full design, sampling, sourcing and production service. Our Carlisle manufacturing facility has been significantly expanded and upgraded to cater for a wide range of bag making requirements.

We also manufacture industrial bags and related products, including specialist covers for various types of machinery and electrical equipment.

Luxury bags made with quality materials.

A Chapman bag will provide years of pleasure. Across town or across the world Chapman bags are versatile and durable for any occasion. 

Custom made.

We think that our bags have enough pockets and pouches. But if you need more or less we can provide a bespoke product bag for any occasion you require.

Chapman is one of the only bag brands to accept bespoke commissions. The reason we can do so is that we manufacture our products in our own Carlisle factory and can accommodate such requests. We accept commissions ranging from completely new designs to a standard style with a different colour or materials specification.

Chapman Bags

Your Bag Begins With The Best Materials

We manufacture for a number of businesses for their particular corporate needs, including well known consumer brands and financial services companies.

Our Brand Ambassadors

Above all, Chapman bags are authentic pieces of hand crafted British style. Our customers know that, when they invest in a Chapman bag, it represents values which high street or indeed many global brands find difficult if not impossible to match. Our brand ambassadors are people who we feel embody the values we aspire to: authenticity, Britishness, an appreciation of quality, friendship, a love of place and community and a sense of humour, to name a few. We hope you find our brand ambassadors as inspiring as we do.