EBL LCD Universal Battery Charger




EBL LCD Universal Battery Charger for AA AAA C D. Rechargeable Batteries with Type C Input. Multiple Battery Charger with Intelligent Battery Detection Technology. AA AAA Battery Charger

  • The New EBL Universal Battery Charger with independent charging channels. With 8 bays for AA or AAA Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries, or 4 slots for C/D Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries.
  • Bright LCD Display – The Battery charger has a smart LCD screen which indicates the charge update. The latest battery detection technology automatically turns to a minimum when batteries are almost fully charged. NOTE: Only the 2.0A adapter should be used to charge batteries, not the 1.0A.
  • Type C 5V/2A Input – The Type C backup input port makes the charger more adaptable. It provides more choices to fully charge the batteries, and with 5V/2A Inputs (Micro USB and Type C) it also saves the long waiting time for full charging.
  • Safety Protection – Advanced MCU controls and -∆V function protects the unit from overheating or too much current. The EBL also features short-circuit protection and detection of non-rechargeable or defective batteries.
  • Product details

    • Size Name: C9008TC

    • Boxed-product Weight: 299 g


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